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St.Martin’s High School extension of St.Martin’s Institutions follows philosophies such as “Child Centric Learning” and “Multiple intelligence”, each geared towards tapping into the students latent potentials. The method of education imparted at School is carefully tailored to incorporate varied modes of teaching in order to better communicate with the learning facilities of students.
1 Name of the School with address: (Strictly as per Affiliation sanction letter or as permitted by the Board) with pin code no.
St. Martin’s High School, Madhav Nagar, Miyapur, 500049.
i) E-mail: stmartinmiyapur@gmail.com
ii) Ph no: 040-64636306
iii) Fax no: 040-40074018
2 Year of establishment of school 2001
3 Whether NOC from State/UT or recommendation of Embassy of India obtained? GOVERNMENT OF ANDHRA PRADESH EDUCATION (SE-PS-I) DEPARTMENT State
i) NOC No: Letter .No.12093/SE.PS1/A/2010-1
ii) NOC issuing date: 29.06.2010
4 Status of Affiliation: Permanent/Regular/Provisional Provisional
(i) Affiliation No. : 130305
(ii) Affiliation with the Board since: 04.01.2013
(iii) Extension of affiliation up to: 31.03.2016
5 Name of Trust/Society/Company Registered under Section 25 of the Company Act, 1956. Period up to which Registration of Trust/Society is valid Malla Reddy and Narasimha Yadav Educational Society
Permanent Reg no. 8850 in the year 2000
6 List of members of School Managing Committee with their Address/tenure and post held
S. No Name Designation Qualification Occupation/ Ph. No Address Relationship with Secretary
1 Mrs. Padmavathi Secretary M.A, B.Ed Principal St.Martin’s High School Hyderabad. 9949792636 Plot No 140, J.P West City, Miyapur Hyderabad. Not related
2 Mrs. Razma Feroz Executive Member M.A, B.Ed, BL.IRPM Vice-Principal St.Martin’s High School Hyderabad. 9177530690 501,Maruthi Plaza, VI phase K.P.H.B, Hyderabad. Not related
3 Mrs. Vaishali Parent representative M.Com Private Employee HSBC, Gachibowli, Hyderabad. 9642940108 F.No.325/B,III Phase, V block, Janapriya Apts, Miyapur, Hyderabad. Not related
4 Mrs. Chandrakala Teachers Representative B.Com, B.Ed TGT, St.Martin’s High School Hyderabad. 9160177754 Flat No-243, V phase A4 block Janapriya Apts, Miyapur, Hyderabad. Not related
5 Mr. Naresh Member M.Sc Lecturer Narayana Junior College 9676356974 H.no.188, Janapriya Nagar, Hyderabad. Not related
6 Mrs. Saroja Member M.A, M.Ed Principal St.Martins B.Ed.college 9849548166 St.Martins B.Ed.College Miyapur Hyderabad. Not related
7 Mrs. Madhusudhan Member M.A, M.Ed Principal Pragathi Degree College, Hyderabad. 9392542564 Pragathi Degree College, Hyderabad. Not related
8 Mr. Sarath Member B.Sc A.O St.Martins High School Miyapur. 11-2-888, Habibnagar Nampally, Hyderabad. Not related
7 Name and official address of the Manager/President/Chairman/Correspondent Malla Reddy s/o Late Malla Reddy Jaya Nagar, Bowenpally
i) E-mail: stmartinmiyapur@gmail.com
ii) Ph no: 040-64636306
iii) Fax no: 040-40074018
8 Area of School Campus i) In Acres : 1.03
ii) In Sq. mtrs. : 4250 sq mtrs
iii) Built up area (sq. mtrs.) : 29880 sq mtrs
iv) Area of Playground in Sq. mtrs : 3000 sqmtrs
v) Other facilities:
  (i) Indoor: games Carom, Chess
  (ii) Dance: Karnataka, Vocal
  (iii) Music: Classical, Western
  (iv) Health and Medical Checkup:
Dental check up for classes 1 to 9 on 05.08.2013 by Denty’s dental care.
9 Transport facility i) Own Buses
10 Mode of payment of salary i) Name of the Bank through which salary is drawing : EENADU Co Op Urban Bank Miyapur R.R Dist Hyderabad.
ii) Through single cheque transfer advice
11 Library facilities
Size of the Library in sq. feet 41.9`X48.9``
No. of Periodicals Weekly 2 Periods
No. of Dailies 14
No. of reference books class-wise Total no of books 3900
No. of Magazine Total -37
12 Members of Sexual Harassment Committee 1. A.Padmavathi - Principal
2. Razma Feroz - Counsellor
3. Saroja - Executive Member
4. Vaisali - Executive Member
5. Gayatri - Member
6. Aruna - Member
13 Academic session period From April 2014 to March 2015
14 Vacation period From 23rd April 2014 to 12th June 2014
15 Admission period From From April 2014 to July 2014
Particulars of Teachers 2014-15 as follows: TOP   
S. No Name Designation Qualification Pay Scale
1 Mrs. A.PADMAVATHI PRINCIPAL M.A BEd 10285-280-11125- 315-16925
2 Ms. RAZMA FEROZ H.M M.A, B.Ed.BL IRPM 10285-280-11125- 315-16925
3 Mr.VARAPRASAD T.G.T M.Sc B.Ed 7200-185-7570- 200-15025
4 Mrs.ARUNA T.G.T M.A.B.Ed 7200-185-7570- 200-15025
5 Mrs.CHANDRAKALA T.G.T B.Com.B.Ed 7200-185-7570- 200-15025
6 Mrs.GEETHA DEVI H.P.T M.A H.P.T 7200-185-7570- 200-15025
7 Mrs.SOMA SINHA T.G.T M.A.B.Ed 7200-185-7570- 200-15025
8 Mrs.RENUKA T.G.T B.Sc.B.Ed 7200-185-7570- 200-15025
9 Ms.B.RAMYA T.G.T B.Sc.B.Ed 7200-185-7570- 200-15025
10 Mrs.JAGADAMBA T.G.T M.A.B.Ed 7200-185-7570- 200-15025
11 Ms.RADHIKA P.R.T M.A B.Ed 6040-155-6505- 170-11125
12 Mrs.SAMBRAJYAM P.R.T B.Sc.B.Ed 6040-155-6505- 170-11125
13 Mrs.GAYATRI P.R.T M.A TPT 6040-155-6505- 170-11125
14 Mrs.SUNITHA P.R.T M.Com.B.Ed 6040-155-6505- 170-11125
15 Mrs.NAGALAKSHMI P.R.T B.Sc.B.Ed 6040-155-6505- 170-11125
16 Ms.ASMA KHATOON P.R.T M.A.B.Ed 6040-155-6505- 170-11125
17 Mrs.MEENA KUMARI P.R.T M.Sc B.Ed 6040-155-6505- 170-11125
18 Mrs.SHAKEELA P.R.T B.A.B.Ed 6040-155-6505- 170-11125
19 Mrs.DEEPTHI SARALA P.R.T B.A.B.Ed 6040-155-6505- 170-11125
20 Mrs.K.SWAPNA P.R.T DIPLOMA in IT 6040-155-6505- 170-11125
21 Mrs.VISALAKSHMI N.T.T B.A,PPTTC 4500-120-5050-130-8815
22 Mrs.SUREKHA SINGH N.T.T B.A,PPTTC 4500-120-5050-130-8815
23 Mrs.B.PADMA N.T.T B.A,PPTTC 4500-120-5050- 130-8815
24 Mrs.PARVATHI N.T.T B.A,PPTTC 4500-120-5050- 130-8815
25 Mrs. VANI Art & Craft Msc Dip in Arts 4500-120-5050- 130-8815
26 Mr.ASHOK PET & NCC BA, PPTTC 4500-120-5050- 130-8815
27 Mr. VIJAY Dance Master B.A,Dip Dance 4500-120-5050- 130-8815
28 Mrs.PRASHANTHI LIBRARIAN B.A.B.Lib 4500-120-5050- 130-8815
29 Mr.RAMESH Music B.A Dip Music 4500-120-5050- 130-8815
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